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Well i'm your average awesome kid! Funny, artistic, good imagination. Well when i get older i wanna be a director and/or an actor! I plan on submitting art and maybe flash. It is also my ambition to reply to all comments! Ta-duh! That's me!

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Rathaloskid's News

Posted by Rathaloskid - December 20th, 2010

Well people i know i need to get around to coloring my scooby-doo picture (also drawing it but...) I figured i'd show you this. So until then...peace!!

Re colored t-rex picture!

Posted by Rathaloskid - December 10th, 2010

This time in the series of me with old cartoons is Courage the Cowardly dog! Up next in the list is Scooby-Doo!

Courage the cowardly dog!

Posted by Rathaloskid - December 7th, 2010

That is all my good sirs. Although i plan on drawing more of me with old school cartoon characters (Courage the cowardly dog is next.) if you want to see anything leave a comment...or not. Don't really care

Johnny Bravo

Posted by Rathaloskid - November 29th, 2010

Sorry readers i have no poem for you. Yeah i know you're disappointed, but hey that's too bad. Well i guess since this post is random i should include a youtube video!

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Johnny bravo meets scooby-doo. Why post this? Well why not..it's not like you can stop me! BWAHAHAHAHA! THE POWER!!! Anyway onto more related topics...wait....random...right. Well anyway i would give you updates on art, but you feel free to head over to my website to do that. I guess i can give you a basic outline. Jeremy the cowardly knight is indeed coming along nicely and i still enjoy making mock movie posters. Along with my real life i got some mini comics thrown into the school newspaper. Unimpressive you may think, but it'll look great on a college application. So that's that...oh wait...the link to my website! Almost forgot.

My site

Ode to the random post!

Posted by Rathaloskid - October 31st, 2010

Happy halloween everybody! While i may not be doing anything on this wonderful holiday don't let that stop you from enjoy it! Not too much more too say here on the topic so i'll just throw in the picture i drew and call it a post!

Happy Halloween!

Posted by Rathaloskid - October 28th, 2010

YAY! I just so love being bored that i thought i would entertain myself by writing this pointless post. I figure i should try to make some point to this so i'll tell you (fer anyone that actually follows) I have three more jeremy the cowardly knight pictures, but i need to be scouted fer you to see...or i could upload elsewhere.....Anywho i've also been drawing mock movie posters. I'll try to get those up on the internet once they're internet worthy. Anyway i'm also throwing together another really random song. But that truly isn't all that important, but hey! thought i should include it ya know? Anyway i usually include a picture at the bottom of the page, but i think i'll just include a link to a slideshow of all my pictures up on Photobucket. So until later...PEACE NEWGROUNDS!
Slideshow album

Posted by Rathaloskid - October 17th, 2010

Well everyone... like the title says i'm going back to color most of my art works (mainly Jeremy the cowardly knight pieces). This is gonna take a while, but hopefully scouting will soon follow afterwards. Bwahahaha! Oh well....if it doesn't i have other websites to head off too. Not like i'll stop coming here, but i'll just not have any new art (cause i can't submit any more. Anyway on to other happenings...i'm working on another song...just fer kicks and giggles ya know? Well back to art cause i can't think of anything else new. I've picked up a collaborator. Her name is FudgeMellow She is helping me draw and add new monsters onto the ever expanding jeremy the cowardly knight series. Any way i went back and improved the picture of an older representation of me in the mario world. I'll include the older one below and the newer one's thumbnail is up above. Anyway for anyone who knows the jeremy series i'm fixing the one with the giant dragon up first. Just thought i'd let ya know. Anyway...peace newgrounds!

Heading back to my artwork

Posted by Rathaloskid - August 13th, 2010

This is another one of my posts where i ask you guys for ideas....NORMALLY i don't get any replies but i like to do this any way due to the fact i may get a good suggestion...so like the title says i would like ideas for a profile picture. Now the character you see in my current one is supposed to be a representation of me....(not sure if that helps at all but hey). Anyways.....this is where i would normally talk about the fact i';m working on Jeremy and my full fledged left 2 die comic book...but not much to tell.....plus like usual my stream of picture ideas is beginning to run dry....so if anyone reading this wants me to draw them like anything......please...so bored...oh well. So enjoy your time here on newgrounds...PEACE!!!

Posted by Rathaloskid - July 28th, 2010

Hey everyone! That's right! July 28th is my birthday...and it's here (depending on when you're reading). I have decided to make a comic celebrating my own birthday....i'll post it up when it's done.....and if i get mah scanner working. Well anyway all i know is i have a trip to mexico with a friend from minnesota....man...i still wish i lived there....well anyway not too much say. cept my jeremy the cowardly knight series is indeed coming along nicely. Well not doing much so peace yall. Catch ya later my homies. Keep it cool. (sorry about the poor quality in the picture....my bad.....can't really do anything till my scanner decides to work on this new computer)


Posted by Rathaloskid - July 13th, 2010

Well everyone like the post says I'm bored. But i was browsing youtube and came across this guy Shan Dawson. You may have heard of him but either way i think he is funny. So due to my boredom i found two funny ones and are gunna post 'em here!

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Well after watching those i feel the need to draw him cartoony style....but hey not too sure. Also i want all of you too know while i can't make flash (no god damn software and i can't find a good free one) But i hope to make a zombie parody movie over the summer! Well that is if i can get this one kid to respond to his god damn texts!!! Oh well.....but after that we hope to make a mystery movie parody! Not too sure how long they are gonna be, but if i get them done i'll be sure to find a way to put them up here. To kill your time........BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! errr.......forget what you just heard. Any way...I may need a little help! I need some cool songs from here on newgrounds (because asking permission form these people would be easier than asking publishing companies) Well what i may need your help with is i need some heavy metal music (not my type of music but one kid really wants some fight scenes with it) I know i'm not a big guy on this site but if you do read this and know cool music (any cool music...i mean it....if you think it's cool toss me a link!) help a kid out! Well know that i have free time (more that is) I hope to get any pending requests on drawings finished...and if you wanna place one go ahead. If not...well that's cool too. Any ways i love to hear from the masses! PEACE NEWGROUNDS!!!

Boredom: hilarity may ensue!!