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Well i'm your average awesome kid! Funny, artistic, good imagination. Well when i get older i wanna be a director and/or an actor! I plan on submitting art and maybe flash. It is also my ambition to reply to all comments! Ta-duh! That's me!

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Rathaloskid's News

Posted by Rathaloskid - May 5th, 2010

Hey everyone i'm in the middle of making Jeremy the Cowardly Knight comic and i have two characters. One is Jeremy the cowardly knight. The other is Zon the Nymphomaniac, alcoholic, short demon sorcerer. Well i need one more character to go with those two. So what i wouldn't mind is a female character(but a dude would be cool too) . I would need to know her name and what she looks like......this is kind of like egoraptor's contest...except the chances i get that many entries are small and there really are no rules. So if you win your character will be drawn and re-occur in my series. And if i ever get enough money and time i'll try to get you to voice him/her. Well aanyway include a link to a picture or what not and i'll pick out the best. If yours doesn't win i might make it an extra so....yup. I have the links to the first two comics here fer ya so check 'em out.

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/2f 9ebae6fdc749a999172bad298ccc45

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/52 d7ddb4d2d494d96ef8b337fb406aa2

Need a re-occuring character

Posted by Rathaloskid - May 3rd, 2010

For all of you un-familiar with (my seeming to be trademarked character) Jeremy. Then take a look at the pictures i have posted. Well like the title says comics are coming soon. In the first issue he is gonna meet zon. The alcoholic, nymphomaniac, demon sorcerer. Come on we all know you can't have a comic with only one character. Well also i plan on redrawing the next issue of the left 2 die comic. I'm pretty sure i lost it. Oh well guess i get to make it better this time around. Well anyway...peace newgrounds!

Jeremy the cowardly knight Comics

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 27th, 2010

Hey everyone! I got bored and i decided i would make this to see how many left 4 dead fans are out there. So to get a conversation going i'm gonna submit this epic vid!

/* */
So know that you've seen that let's get down to business. Who is your favorite character from the first game? From the second? What is your favorite special infected? Are you gonna download the passing for left 4 dead 2? Well let's see how i do! PEACE!!!

Left 4 dead fans...UNITE!!!

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 26th, 2010

Hey everyone i thought i'd let you know i still have a surplus of art. Still drawing and what not. I'll just have to submit my art via these posts until scouted or i give up. Well anyway take a gander at this!! Well anyway peace newgrounds!! PEACE!

New art!

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 25th, 2010

Het everyone...i'm a little bored and can't really think of anything to draw. I really need to draw a picture after i finish one already suggested to me. So if you have any ideas you're willing to part with and allow me to draw that would be great. So yeah...that's it....Peace!!!

Picture suggestions?

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 24th, 2010

I can't believe it....i can't fucking believe........yeah the rumors are true you meet the left4dead 1 characters but.....alas...poor bill....he fucking dies man!! No room in the closet for grandpa bill!!!! AND HE WAS THE BEST CHARACTER!!!! I will seriously put all art aside to draw him some memorial art! I may be a fucking nerd, but with the power of my comics....he ain't dead yet bitches. This picture proves he ain't dead yet

Left 4 dead 2 DLC

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 24th, 2010

Hey everyone i wanna know what pictures i should color first. So in essence i would like you to go through my art and tell me which ones you think i should color first. And for asspiring artist try Gimp. It's basically a free photoshop....PEACE!

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 24th, 2010

Hey everyone! It's that time! Time to name off a mythological creature or a creature of your own accord to see a knight running away from! I could use the suggestions and what not, but if you don't wanna help a kid out it's okay. Peace!!!

Jeremy the Cowardly Knight Monster ideas

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 23rd, 2010

If you can't see it look to the left of this comment. If you still can't look down! I drew this because i am a huge fan of left 4 dead. And that guy in the ghostbusters shirt? That's me! (or supposed to be at least) So i hope all of you enjoy and leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism below....PEACE!!

New Avatar image

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 22nd, 2010

Hey everyone! I am really bored and am currently not really working on any new pieces of artwork. So if anyone wants a picture drawn, but is too lazy to do it or for any other reason leave what you want drawn and i'll get right too you! Now before you leave a suggestion of any sort look at my art first....and weirdalthe3rd i'm still working on yours. SO HAH!

I'll make art for you if ya want!