Entry #71

Pokemon Animation

2012-05-30 19:57:48 by Rathaloskid

Alright alright, so the first Rath-N-Friends animation went pretty well, but as i said my next project is a pokemon animation. I'm trying to step out of the boundaries for a regular pokemon thing. I know most ideas have been done before, but my hope is to make this as original as possible. While i have all the roles fulfilled for the first episode if anyone reading this wants to throw their hat in the ring for a future role post a link below to where i can find it or send me a pm so i can give you my email in which you can send it to me. Until then enjoy this pokemon comic i drew!

Pokemon Animation


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2012-05-30 20:17:39

Yo! I'm up for a role, I have a demo reel here on NG.

Rathaloskid responds:

sounds good i'll let ya know if i need ya


2012-05-31 21:39:32

-throws hat in the ring-

I have a demo reel as well.
Kaggy is really good too. Very anime oriented voice. vvv

Rathaloskid responds:

i'll check you out, and thanks for the advice


2015-05-05 13:32:35