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Well i'm your average awesome kid! Funny, artistic, good imagination. Well when i get older i wanna be a director and/or an actor! I plan on submitting art and maybe flash. It is also my ambition to reply to all comments! Ta-duh! That's me!

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Rathaloskid's News

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 13th, 2010

Well people i just got re-scouted and the art is still coming. I hope any of you if any of you are keeping up with my art or at least taking a look. I wouldn't expect to be followed but if my art was favorited or sometin that would be pretty sweet!!


Posted by Rathaloskid - April 12th, 2010

Well i may have been unscouted and all that but the fact is i don't care. I'm planning on keeping the art coming whether everyone can see it or not. Getting down on my knees and begging has occured to me a few times, but i'm not willing to beg in order to get scouted. If my art isn't good enough to get my scouted i guess i wouldn't want a pity scout. So anyway whether i'm scouted or not i'm keeping up the art!!

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 11th, 2010

One second i was happy as could be having my art scanned in and everything the next thing i know unfreakin scouted!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 11th, 2010

Hey newgrounds!! I feel so happy that i now have a working scanner and i hopee to have a huge influx of art towards this site!! So i hope to be heard of whether you want to or not!!! If you took the time to read this why not check out my art? =D

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 10th, 2010

Well i was at my grandmother's and she is planning on moving soon and while i was helping her clear out and low and behold!!!! A free flippin scanner! All i need is a special usb to plug it into the computer and i'm in business! So hopefully this week i'll begin uploading more art!

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 7th, 2010

Well people it's been awhile but after making a few Left 2 die comics i decided to make a whole book out of it. It's gonna take awhile to draw considering it's gonna be like 200 sometin pages but i'll work on it and upload the other left 2 die comics i already have done. (once i get my damn scanner unpacked!!!) But if you want you can check out the first one i have it under my art and i'll post it here just cause! ^_^

New book

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 4th, 2010

Finally got scouted and now i'm in the art portal! Thank you niloc! WOOOH!

Posted by Rathaloskid - April 2nd, 2010

Well i have a surplus of art and i keep working, but hey moving to Delaware does this stuff to you. All i need is a scanner unpacked and readied and i'm ready fer buisness!!! I got this cool zombie apocalypse pic i worked on for a bit! if you wanna know about it just leave a comment or tell me to send you the link when it's up or hey just keep coming back and checking. HOO-AH TO NEWGROUNDS!!

Got Art, missing scanner

Posted by Rathaloskid - March 29th, 2010

Well i got a link to my photobucket up. Really trying hard to get stuff up on this site though. It seems p-bot has no problem deciding if stuff should be kicked off but getting on? that is takin' a while. I hate to sound like a beggar but anyone reading this would you mind suggesting me to the art portal. I'll owe you one and i'll try to pay you back! If you want me to pay you back leave comments on my art or on this. Like i said i hate to sound like a beggar but i will try to pay you back thanks!

Posted by Rathaloskid - March 20th, 2010

Well it's been awhile but i finally got some art up. Although it keeps getting deleted. Not gonna give up though! I WILL SUBMIT ART (or something) AND MAKE A NAME FER MAHSELF!!